About Us

South Coast Vintage Car Club of Wollongong was established in 1969, members are proud concierges of their own historic vehicles, the nostalgia to restore, swap, exchange parts, drive, display and maintain these antiques it preserves our automotive history in Australia, keeping the dream alive for everyone to enjoy and reminisce of that era. The attraction of these vehicles allows others to enjoy and the general public continues to observe these vehicles motoring along to regular car club events.

Our current club membership is around 350 members and we welcome new comers to our club, should you be searching for a historic vehicle to restore or drive on any car club event, then we have a number of listed vehicles available on offer.

Historic vehicles may be registered under the Conditional Registration Scheme. The conditional registration of historic vehicles is referred to as the Historic Vehicle Scheme (HVS). The HVS was developed and approved in consultation with industry in the state of New South Wales. For more information visit the NSW Gov Transport website for details regarding eligibility and condition of use.

Member’s vehicles are not permissible for hire or reward, those seeking historic vehicles for weddings or private events, please consult a reputable proprietor who can provide suitable registered commercial historic vehicles for all occasions - registered car clubs vehicles are for recreational use only.

The South Coast Vintage Car Club Inc. is affiliated with CMC and the CHMC .

'The Klaxon' is a registered periodical journal, magazine circulated monthly to registered members and car clubs alike.